Skateboarding – What you will learn

Level 1

An introduction to skateboarding including finding your stance, learning about your board and safety, learning how to step on and off a board, pushing and turning.

Level 2

Building on level 1 you will improve your pushing and turning on a board using both kick turn and carving. You will also learn your first basic balance tricks, how stop at speed and how to ride off curbs.

From levels 3 to 6 you have the option whether to progress with higher level street skateboarding techniques, or move to learning how to skate ramps at the skatepark.

Level 3

Street: Learning how to get up curbs, more advanced balance tricks, 180° kick turns and reverts on the flat ground

Skatepark: An Introduction to skateboarding on ramps, skatepark safety, and 180° turns on both the flat ground and small ramps.

Level 4

Street: Learning more advance revert tricks to avoid obstacles, working on reverts at speed and an introduction to Pop Shuvits.

Skatepark: Progressing to riding down bigger ramps, building confidence on ramps, and 180° kick turns bigger ramps.

Level 5

Street: An introduction to powerslides, Ollies and Pop Shuvits on the move.

Skatepark: Learning how to drop in on various ramps, pumping to gain speed on ramps and an introduction to basic ramps tricks.

Level 6

Street: Improving your Ollies and Pop Shuvits on the move, powerslides at speed and using powerslides to adjust your speed.

Skatepark: Building confidence with dropping in, pumping and kick turning on bigger ramps, an introduction to Rock to Fakies, Axel Stalls and basic grab tricks on ramps.