Penny Boarding

Group Lessons

You will be joined by other keen Penny Boarders, all learning at the same time and easily motivated by the power and enthusiasm of everyone involved! Remember, you are never too clumsy or too unconfident!

We guarantee to get you Penny Boarding while building your confidence and most importantly making sure you are having fun. Although Penny boarding looks quite intimidating at first, when you see someone fly past you, it is not as hard as it looks. It’s simple things like learning to step on and off the board safely, basic foot position and posture that makes a big difference and ultimately gets you rolling.

Private Lessons

We offer personal 1-to-1 and private group lessons ranging from 2 to 6 people, seven days a week, from 8.30am at any London location that suits you. Our private lessons will help you pick up the basics quickly, allowing you to develop your own individual style sooner.

Our 1-on-1 lessons offer a dedicated instructor to help perfect your technique faster than in larger groups with our private group lessons providing interaction between friends, helping push yourself and each other further.

Lessons take place at well known London skate spots, public parks and skateparks; we can come to whichever location suits you. 

  • Penny Board Lesson £25

    1 Hour Group Lesson. Per Person, Per Lesson.

  • 10 Week Lesson Program £200

    Progress from beginner to advanced with our 10 week program.

  • Private 1-to-1 Lesson £49.50

    1 Hour Private Lesson. Per Person, Per Lesson.

  • Private Group Lesson £65

    1 Hour Private Group Lesson. Per Group of 2-6 people, Per Lesson.


Not to worry! We set you up with a backup undercover location for your lesson in case of wet weather. If the weather is not looking good and you would prefer to re-arrange your lesson for another day just let us know with 48 hours-notice.

At the time of booking your lesson you will receive a lesson confirmation message including your instructors name and contact details for the day. If it is raining on the day of your lesson please contact your instructor for advice.

If you do not know your nearest undercover location, please contact us and we would be glad to help you.


No Problem!
We can provide helmets, skateboards and pads, free of charge.

Vouchers make the perfect gift, visit our store for details.


Level 1
Introduction to Penny Boarding and understanding your Penny board.
Safety and learning how to avoid falling.
Learning which stance you are: regular or goofy.
Learning to stand on your board, foot positioning and learning to push.
Learning how to stop the most safe and efficient way.
Gaining balance, awareness of the surroundings and people around you.
Basic turning and control of direction.
Skatepark etiquette.

Level 2
Learning to kick turn on flat and how to carve.
Learning to caveman into riding your board.
Learning to pop your board into your hand.
Basic skateboarding terminology.
Acid dropping small obstacles.
Use of skatepark obstacles.
Tic-Tacing and getting more comfortable riding an stopping your board.

Level 3
Going faster and how to gain speed, basic tricks, pumping ramps.
Getting more comfortable with riding your board, stopping, balancing.
Acid dropping high obstacles, kick turns and skateboarding terminology.

Level 4
Frontside kick turns, going Fakie (travelling backwards), learning half-cab kick turns and hippie jumps.
Dropping in (if lesson is at skatepark). Getting more comfortable with large ramps, speed, pumping, basic tricks and carving.

Level 5
Shuv-its, hippie jumps over obstacles, the Ollie and how to use carving to generate speed.
Getting more comfortable with frontside kick turns, going fake, advanced pivoting and larger spins and acid drops.

Skatepark parts are the course are dependant on the lesson being conducted at a skatepark.