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Slick Willies is among the UKs leading skate shops, and one of the longest-established skate shops in London. Slick Willies have been supplying skate gear since skateboarding was kicking off in the 1970’s, making it London’s oldest skate shop.

Humble beginnings saw them open a skate shop in the heart of the city, right by Hyde Park, where you can still find them today. Determined never to become a typical, chain retailer. Slick Willies, much like Skates & Ladders, has always been run by skaters, from the managers to the staff. At a time where so many ‘shops’ are simply faceless websites, that are here today, gone tomorrow, we support a skate shop with character that has seen it all.


Emerging in the mid-1970s, plastic injection- moulded skateboards were one of the finest & stylish skateboards out! With its sharp turns & small surface area, they are the perfect way to get you around town! Plus, with its small size it never gets in your way and even fits in your backpack!

Thanks to the generous support of Penny Skateboards and their skateboard donations, Skates & Ladders have been able to teach 1000s of school children how to skateboard.


Millions of Londoners and tourists visit the eight Royal Parks in London each year. The 5,000 acres of historic parkland provide unparalleled opportunities for enjoyment, exploration and healthy living in the heart of the capital.

The Royal Parks association is a charity thats act to conserve the parks for future generations and Skates & Ladders is very proud to have their support!

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