Skates & Ladders


Skates & Ladders was born on a Sunday afternoon over a decade ago outside London, in Hemel Hempstead when Joshua Ward-Brickett’s was skating a local skatepark and saw a child try to skate a ramp with much determination but no success. Joshua decided to help him, as it looked like he might hurt himself and, after a short time, some advice and encouragement, he was successfully skateboarding down every ramp in the skatepark with no falls.

The best part was how happy the child was when he learnt to use his new skateboard safely. The child’s father was thrilled and asked if there was the possibility of making skateboard lessons a regular fixture and Skates & Ladders was born. Realising Skates & Ladders could help people learn to skateboard safely and, at the same time, give fellow skateboarders an opportunity to make a living doing what they loved, Joshua decided to quit his job, start the Skates & Ladders adventure and never look back.


We want to teach skateboarding to everyone and inspire others to discover the joy of Skateboarding. We want to show aspiring skateboarders how to skate safely and educate people on the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle through skateboarding.

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