Difference between Skateboards, Longboards and Pennyboards

When buying a board you have two options

- A "complete board" (Buying a ready made board)

- A board that is already assembled for you.

We advise not buying a cheap board from a toy shop. Buying a poor quality board will make learning much harder. Cheap boards are often made by companies that mass produced their boards with little concern for the quality.

For this reason we offer free equipment rental on all our lessons.

Custom Board (Building your own board)

- A skateboard that you piece together from custom board parts you choose.

How to put a Skateboard together

Skatepark use

All riders should know and practice skateboarder etiquette. At a crowded skatepark, this means waiting their turn instead of jumping blindly into a ramp. We also advise only attempting ramps that are within in your capabilities, that you have been shown how to ride.

To Avoid Injury

Be honest about your abilities. Don't attempt tricks that are too advanced for you. This may well save you some embarrassment as well as an injury or two. Practice what you know until you can do it in your sleep, and then move on to something new.

Protective Equipment

How do I know which one to choose and which size?

When choosing a size for your protective gear, may it be elbow/knee pads, wrist guard or helmets it is imperative that they fit correctly. When they're too small or too much of a tight fit, they will restrict easy movement and become uncomfortable very quickly.

At the same time if they're even slightly too big they will be unable to provide the right protection against knocks and falls. Skate helmets in particular should never cover your line of vision, not wobble when you are skating and should have adjustable straps that buckle under your chin.

Pads are just the same, they're usually pulled over knees and elbows but can also be strapped on with the aid of adjustable Velcro straps. Whichever form of skating pads or skate equipment appeals to you, it is advisable that you make sure your skate pads are thick and that they fit snugly, without cutting off your circulation. Skating pads need to be comfortable otherwise you won't want to wear them.

Most protective skating gear is adjustable; just make sure that they're always altered to the correct sizing before use. Whilst wanting to look good with your protective gear, safety is always the highest priority.

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