Skateboard Lessons for Schools



We work with primary and secondary schools across London and would like to bring skateboarding to your school through our Eduskate project, an all-inclusive teaching program, where all children, no matter their background, are given the opportunity to learn to skate.

Our per term skateboarding program can be taught during PE Lessons and After School Clubs and lasts 1 hour. Skateboard lessons can take place on school premises, skateparks or your local public park.

Lessons are taught by our First Aid qualified, Child Protection in Education and DBS certified instructors.

The Skateboarding Program runs like any other PE lesson or after school club where schools handle all sign ups and provide the skateboard instructor with a register at the start of each term.

The Costs

Our After School Clubs and PE Lessons are bespoke to the needs of each school. We structure costs depending on equipment needed, number of instructors required and your preferred location. For more information please contact us to discuss your specific needs. We would love to hear from you.


Termly Program

Listed below are examples of what to expect during the first term for beginners.

  • Introduction to skateboarding and safety.
  • Introduction and lessons on the equipment.
  • Staying safe when learning and practising.
  • Finding your stance.
  • Introduction to pushing and learning to control direction and speed.
  • Using techniques such as carving and kick turning to control direction, to turn on the move and navigate around obstacles.
  • Lessons on safely stopping at speed.
  • Introduction and teaching basic balance tricks and techniques.
  • Coaching with individual feedback to improve riding abilities and
  • confidence developing more advanced riding techniques. To improve speed control, direction control and balance techniques for turning at speed.
  • Introduction to basic tricks including balance tricks on the move, learning how to switch your stance and how to make a 180 degree turn.
  • Introduction to more advanced skateboard tricks and riding techniques, such as the ollie (how to make the skateboard jump into the air).
  • Learning advanced techniques for stopping at speed, using slides to control speed and avoid obstacles at close range.
  • Balance and basic trick games to improve confidence and maintain a lively, vibrant group atmosphere.

Instructors You Can Trust

All Skates & Ladders instructors are fully trained, First Aid qualified and Enhanced DBS (formerly CRB) certified with years of expert knowledge teaching. Our staff attend UK Coaching Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshops run by Sport Structures.


Break free from the mundane and embrace the thrill of skateboarding for an unforgettable team building experience!