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Linda, Milton Keynes

Fun, friendly and reliable skateboarding lessons. Everything you could ask for and more.

Lynne and Khaled, London

We had our Son’s 11th birthday party with Skates and Ladders, and it was the best birthday party ever! They provided all the skateboards and equipment. They learnt a lot and played lots of fun games, the kids all looked like they were having a blast. My son and all his friends want to be pro skateboarders when they grow up. The other parents have been telling us that all their kids have been asking for skateboards for Christmas and that they all want skateboarding birthday parties.

Madeleine, Cambridge

We got everything we wanted and more, not only had my son learnt some cool new tricks on his skateboard but his lessons helped boost his confidence massively. Thanks Skates and Ladders, best of luck in the future!

Patricia, London

Super friendly and reliable service. My son is quite shy and for him it can be quite intimidating to go to the skatepark with all the big boys; but his instructor really helped him to start skateboarding confidently. Not only is he now riding comfortably on his skateboard, but his general confidence has improved greatly. Thanks guys!

Paul Silver

Silas had 3 different instructors during his course and all showed great empathy, patience and skills. Great guys.
And it very easy to find them every time

Rachael, London

I booked my friend Sarah and I a joint lesson, and we had such a fab time! We were complete novices before our lesson. Now we’re both feeling comfortable on our boards and have been getting out to the park for our weekly skate together. Lots and lots of fun. Thanks Skates and Ladders!

Robert, London

All my friends told me that I was far too old to learn how to skateboard, but despite their assurances that I was out of my head, I went ahead and booked myself a handful of lessons. At first I felt a bit shaky, but after some re-assurance and guidance I was well on my way! Skates and Ladders showed me that my age didn’t matter and that skateboarding isn’t just for kids, although it did make me feel years younger. It’s great exercise and a fun way to commute to work.

Ross, London

My son and I had a great lesson together. Our teacher was friendly and came across as very experienced. He had a clear love for skateboarding which was infectious. It was a wonderful way to bond with my son and now we have a new pastime that we share together. Big thank you to Skates and Ladders.

Sally-Ann, London

Luke was an absolute treat to have has as our instructor. He is an incredibly charming young man who my daughter felt very comfortable with. He was patient and made the lessons fun and not at all intimidating. We were able to take the lessons at our own pace and schedule them when it suited us. After just a few lessons I was astonished to see my daughter doing all the big ramps at the park by herself. She is incredibly happy with her progress and keeps asking me when we are having our next lesson with Luke. Thank you Luke and the Skates and Ladders team, keep up the good work.

Sam, London

With my son being only 7 years old, I was a bit sceptical at first, I thought that he would be too young for lessons. I was quickly proven wrong as our instructor Luke was incredibly engaging and helped keep his attention the whole way through. I keep being told how he wants to be a skateboarder like Luke when he grows up. The lessons were a lot of fun and a great way to keep the little one entertained. Cheers Skates and Ladders.

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About Skates & Ladders

We are Skates and Ladders, we are the fastest growing Skateboard, Longboard and Graffiti lessons company in the UK. Skates and Ladders is skater owned and run, and our mission is make learning, skating and street art easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

We offer quality lessons with skilled and experienced professionals. We pride ourselves on providing top quality tailored tuition for all ages and all levels. Like everything else, it is only hard if you do not know how to do it!

Our birthday parties and corporate events make for an unforgettable experience. We also work with schools, local councils, and the Royal Parks of London.

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