Ever since I was young I was always attracted to skateboarding. I would love watching the skaters shred at the skatepark on the Southbank. When I was 14, my uncle took me out and surprised me with a board to learn to skate on. Since learning to skate I barley leave the house without my board. It has had a big influence on my life. I use it as my main form of exercise and transportation around London. It has helped me improve my social skills and given me a lot of opportunities to get into running events and sessions for the skate community. With skateboarding I have also been taken to see new places, whether it would be seeing the city from another perspective when looking for new spots to skate during the night, travelling to new places such as the countryside in Wales and skating down the craziest mountain roads in Romania and Spain.
Most of all the main reason I enjoy skateboarding is because it’s fun!


I like all styles of skating, skating in bowls, ramps, parks and the streets. I really enjoy downhill skating and trying to hold out long power-slides. I also enjoy getting creative with flatland tricks.


Keep trying! Go out to any skate park early in the morning and practice whenever you can. The best way I learnt to ride the board was to take it with me everywhere I went. I would skate 2 minutes down my road to the shops or take it with me on days out around London to just go from my house to work, to class or to the train station.


After completing a hour long lesson with these two boys in Hyde Park then we went back to their parents. One of the boys wanted to show his mum what he learnt that day, showing her the new moves and tricks he had learnt. Just before I leave, the boy turns to his mum and attempts to show her an ollie, he pops the board perfectly and lands his first ollie in front of all of us. When he landed the trick he raised his arms and started cheering. We all cheered and celebrated with him. It was such a great moment to see someone so happy with his achievement in skateboarding.