Skateboarding has been a huge obsession of mine since I was 11 years old. There is a certain element of creativity to skateboarding, which gives everyone the chance to produce their own personal styles, tricks and lines. This uniqueness means everyone will assess a skatepark in a different way, producing their own original tricks and ideas across the park.
Since moving to London, skateboarding has given me the chance to explore the city, traveling to many different parks and meeting other skateboarders. The skateboarding community is another reason I’ve developed such a desire for skateboarding. Everyone almost instantly becomes friends when skating different parks, simply from a mutual love for skateboarding.
Another main reason that I skateboard is purely because it’s fun! Learning new tricks never really gets old. There are so many variations of each trick, its always possible to improve in some way. No matter how long you have been skating, learning new tricks still gives you that sense of accomplishment that leaves you wanting to skate more and more.


A few of my favourite tricks are inward heels, kickflips and 360 flips. I also really enjoy skating gaps, ledges and stair sets, any kind of street skating really.


Practice is the key to becoming a good skateboarder. Although learning a new trick is not always as easy as it seems, with the right amount of practice, landing new tricks is always possible. Don’t give up when things get difficult! Really try to have the determination and persistence to land new things


I enjoy being a part of any kind of accomplishment. I taught two children around the age of 10, who had never stepped on a skateboard before. Initially they were both very scared about even stepping on the board and very nervous about trying anything out of their comfort zone. However, after just a short while of explanations and teaching, they both became more positive and confident with skateboarding. By the end of the lesson they were not just pushing around on the board but could also land a set of tricks with great confidence. The main reason this lesson stands out for me is how inspired the children seemed to be as we came to the end of the lesson. They both developed a great enthusiasm for skateboarding, never wanting the lesson to end. This excitement and involvement with skating lead to them having many more lessons, progressing more and more each week.