Since I was young I have had a passion for skateboarding. The first ever skate video I watched was ‘ This is my element 2007 ‘ and seeing people grinding and jumping off stairs really blew my mind. I wanted to do the same. However, I had my first actual contact with skateboarding in March 2012. When I came over to London. It was definitely a battle and it has always been, but my passion for it has only grown stronger as my tricks progress. Skateboarding gives me a sense of freedom. The friendship tied around skateboarding is an unbelievable thing to witness. When I see a skater that I don’t know I already feel familiar with them. It’s a connection that only skaters have and it’s definitely a friendship I hope everyone gets to experience. The feeling of landing a trick after hours of practicing cannot be compared to anything. It is one of the best feelings in the world.


One of my favourite tricks I’d say is a 360 flip. It is a 3-shuv joint with a kickflip which creates a tre flip ( 360 flip ) it did take me 3 years to actually land the trick but it has been my favourite trick ever since. I also really enjoy just a simple and well done front shuv. It also took me a while to get, it but I feel like the harder the trick is to get, the more you enjoy it afterwards.


My advice for people who have just started skating is : just have fun. Make sure you are always enjoying yourself and never feel like you need to go above and beyond what you know to impress anyone. Always work hard and focus on everything you do. Every detail, everything you watch. Pay attention and work hard for the tricks you want and with no time you will be skating.


My favourite teaching story was when I taught this friend of mine to kickflip. It was very weird because he just came to see me skating and he only use to cruise in parks before I met him. But he was someone to never do tricks. On that specific day he wished to learn a kickflip. I never thought it would be possible to teach someone to kickflip in a day but it happened. I was very surprised when I saw him land a sketchy kickflip but the happiness in his face made my day.