After School Clubs

Our 10 week per term, after school skateboarding program will teach 1 hour classes of up to 15 children per group.

Skates & Ladders instructors are First Aid qualified, DBS certified, and taught through our rigorous Skate & Ladders training program with years of expert knowledge, making them ideal people to learn from.

Skateboard lessons take place on the school playground or in the school hall and each skateboard instructor can teach up to 15 children per group. 

The Skateboarding Program runs like any other after school club. Schools handle all sign ups, and provide the skateboard instructor with a register at the start of each term. 

We provide each school with a full school interactive assembly, designed to teach the children about skateboarding as an Olympic sport and about the skateboarding equipment.

The assembly also includes skateboard videos from our instructors and a professional American skateboarder and, for some, the opportunity to participate in a 5 minute taster lesson to learn the basics of skateboarding.

We have conducted many school assemblies and have had a great response from both the children and teachers. 

Each child will receive a Skates & Ladders Level Card which tracks and shows a clear learning pathway for the course of the lessons and allows the child and parent to see their progress from lesson to lesson.

Our Level Card was developed with help from the British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI) and our 10 years of expert knowledge and experience delivering skateboard lessons. 

We also have customisable information leaflets for schools to easily spread the word to parents. 

All Skates & Ladders instructors are First Aid qualified and DBS (formerly CRB) certified with years of expert knowledge.
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Don’t have any equipment? No Problem, we can provide helmets, skateboards and pads, free of charge.

Introduction to skateboarding, safety and lessons on the equipment.

Lessons on staying safe when learning and practising.

Showing children how to find their stance.

Introduction to pushing and learning to control direction and speed.

Using techniques such as carving and kick turning to control direction, to turn on the move and navigate around obstacles.

Lessons on safely stopping at speed.

Introduction and teaching basic balance tricks and techniques.

Coaching with individual feedback to improve riding abilities and confidence developing more advanced riding techniques.

To improve speed control, direction control and balance techniques for turning at speed.

Introduction to basic tricks including balance tricks on the move, learning how to switch your stance and how to make a 180 degree turn.

Introduction to more advanced skateboard tricks and riding techniques, such as the ollie (how to make the skateboard jump into the air).

Learning advanced techniques for stopping at speed, using slides to control speed and avoid obstacles at close range.

Balance and basic trick games to improve confidence and maintain a lively and vibrant group atmosphere.