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Level 1

An introduction to skateboarding including finding your stance, learning about your board and safety, learning how to step on and off a board, pushing and turning.


Level 2

Building on level 1 you will improve your pushing and turning on a board using both kick turn and carving. You will also learn your first basic balance tricks, how stop at speed and how to ride off curbs.

From levels 3 to 6 you have the option whether to progress with higher level street skateboarding techniques, or move to learning how to skate ramps at the skatepark.


Level 3

Street: Learning how to get up curbs, more advanced balance tricks, 180 degree kick turns and reverts on the flat ground.

Skatepark: An Introduction to skateboarding on ramps, skatepark safety, and 180 degree turns on both the flat ground and small ramps.


Level 4

Street: Learning more advanced revert tricks to avoid obstacles, working on reverts at speed and an introduction to Pop Shuvits.

Skatepark: Progressing to riding down bigger ramps, building confidence on ramps, and 180 degree kick turns on bigger ramps.


Level 5

Street: An introduction to powerslides, Ollies and Pop Shuvits on the move.

Skatepark: Learning how to drop in on various ramps, pumping to gain speed on ramps and an introduction to basic ramps tricks.


Level 6

Street: Improving your Ollies and Pop Shuvits on the move, powerslides at speed and using powerslides to adjust your speed.

Skatepark: Building confidence with dropping in, pumping and kick turning on bigger ramps, an introduction to Rock to Fakies, Axel Stalls and basic grab tricks on ramps.

About Skates & Ladders

We specialise in teaching all age groups to skateboard. We are largest provider of private skateboard lessons, skateboard birthday parties, and skateboard corporate events in the London. We also work with schools, local councils, after school clubs and the Royal Parks of London.

If you are just visiting, why not try us as an alternative activity to the normal London attractions.

We also have bases in the Home Counties and Cambridge.