Well there’s loads of reasons, when I started it would have seemed like a silly question – ‘why do i wanna skate?’ – because its the coolest thing I could imagine. Because it was my passion; a sport that not many people understood. Skateboarding got me outside, helped me make friends and gave me something to do in the summer holidays but more than that, it gave me a community to belong to and something to identify with. Now as an adult I realise we have our own language purely for the purpose of categorising pointless spins and flips. It has also changed my perspective on the world and the way I look at it, what 10 years ago may have been some cool architecture was now a place for this slide or this air or this trick.


I would have to say that Bryan Herman has definately had an influence being my favourite skater, so hardflips use to be my favourite trick and I loved everything about them, the way they felt the way they looked and most impotantly the confused look that went on other skaters face when you manage to land it. But now my favourite trick would have to be nollie inward heel as it feels and looks just as good and it confuses other skates just as much.


Just try to remember that everyone who can skate now started at square one, no one will judge you because they know how hard it is to start, how embarassing it is to fall and how intimidating the skatepark can be. 10000 hours is how long it will take to get good so you best get started!!


I think my favourite story is probably with a child whose behaviour is not always the best whom I had been teaching for about 3 weeks in his local park. Me and his guardian were not sure about how he would cope in the skatepark but we took him down anyway, and he trumped all our expectations. He did all the ramps in the skatepark with 15 minutes to spare and a big grin on his face. It really proved to me that if your willing to push yourself, have fun doing something difficult and even do things that sometimes scare you – then truly anyone can skateboard.